Norwegian Jewellery and Watch Trade Fair

was established and held for the first time in 2012.

Our vision is to create a meeting place for all representatives within the industry.
A place to get inspired, gain new knowledge and view the best of Norwegian Jewellery design

Norwegian Jewellery and Watch Trade Fair is the link between the consumers and the suppliers from home and abroad, both that are well established on the marked and the newcomers.
The visitors mainly will come to make purchases, check new trends and to meet new suppliers.

The Fair is held in cooperation with the Gifts and Interior Trade Fair that gives the visitors the opportunity to visit both Trade Fairs at the same time without extra charge.

About the organizers

Jakob Rubin

Jakob Rubin

Manager and owner of Noru Diamonds LTD AS

Phone: +47 908 45 222

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Jakob Rubin

Educated in assessment and classification of diamonds’ cut and gemology with focus on the grading of diamond.

Eighteen years experience in the diamond industry.

CEO for Noru Diamonds Ltd AS

Chairman  of the board Norwegian Jewellery and Watch Trade Fair

Remy Bugge

Remy Bugge

 Bugge & Authen Juvelérverksted AS

Phone:+47 922 05 524


Remy Bugge

Goldsmith, gemologist and jeweler.
CEO for Norwegian Gold and Watch Trade Fair and Bugge & Authen Jewels Workshop.
Instructor and co-owner at Jewellery school.
Approved appraiser and a member of the Norwegian Jeweler Association.